Our Story

My Passion Project

It’s my pleasure and privilege to work alongside some of the best people that one could know.  – I encourage you to meet them below.  But the great privilege of all, of course, is being able to empower Canadians to save their own lives and those of their loved ones.

I grew up in a family of 4 children. For reasons unbeknownst to many, I am the only sibling without a significant disability. My brothers and sister are some combination of non-verbal autistic, dual-diagnosis and blind.

Further, at the age of 3, I experienced a medical emergency causing my heart to stop while at home. I was clinically dead, but am counted among the survivors.

From a young age, I understood implicitly that life is finite, health is a gift and that those of us who can, should dedicate our energy so that others may live. 

It’s therefore of little surprise  that I gravitated to the Armed Forces and subsequently, the Emergency Services. 

In my vocation as a career firefighter and (former) Nova Scotia paramedic, I see a disconnect between societal expectations and realities. 

The expectation is that when a loved one falls acutely ill, someone else will come make them better. The reality is that many Canadians are unable to recognize life threatening illnesses as they unfold, let alone provide time critical, high quality resuscitation conducive with good outcomes. 

At LifeShield, we cut through the fluff and deliver on the straight goods: How to recognize that someone is dying and how to help turn that process around. Period.

I thank-you so much for stopping by and hope to see you next time, along the way. 

– Kyle Mohler

Mission Statement

We empower Canadians to save their lives and those of the people they love.

We do so by adhering to a simple recipe:

  • One cup, medical science;
  • One cup, educational art.
  • Two parts, perspective and humility learned first-hand in the field.

Combine and serve with passion.

Our Team

Kyle lives his childhood dream as a career firefighter in the Halifax-area. He also had the privilege of serving Nova Scotia as a paramedic in both the EHS ground ambulance system as well as at the QE2 Health Sciences Emergency Department. Kyle is a founding member of the Canadian Council for First Aid Education, and proudly volunteers with the Canadian Red Cross. Kyle was formally educated at the University of Calgary.

Kyle Mohler

Owner, Instructor-Trainer

Dave is an Advanced Care Paramedic and EMS educator, whose passion is electrocardiography. Dave's EMS podcast, Current ECG, is a free monthly podcast for students, medics and other professionals who want to deliver a high quality of care. A certified Heart & Stroke Instructor in ACLS, PALS, PEARS and BLS, Dave is a member of the American Electrophysiology Society and holds a BA from Mount Allison University.


ACLS, PALS and Electrophysiology Instructor

Larry as been involved with Search & Rescue since 2008 and is a certified Wilderness Remote First Responder. Larry has worked in the ecotourism industry as a sea kayaking guide / instructor, hiking tour guide and outdoor educator.


First Aid & CPR Instructor

Erin got her start with the Canadian Red Cross Water Safety program, working as a lifeguard and learn to swim instructor. Erin gets embarrassed when we compliment her, so I'm going on the record to say that she's a phenomenal CPR instructor and an even better person.


First Aid & CPR Instructor

Aileen has more than 30 years experience in First Aid, Injury Prevention and Program Development. Aileen has a passion for inclusive learning, new cultures and fostering positive experiences in the classroom.


First Aid & CPR Instructor

James is a lifelong resident of Halifax and is a graduate of both Dalhousie University and NSCC. James truly values being a first aid instructor and enjoys passing on knowledge to help those in need.


First Aid & CPR Instructor

Amanda is our resident nurse. When not working on the floor, Amanda lends her invaluable expertise in the classroom. As an aside, she and Kyle share a healthy competition of sharing images of wounds over meals.


First Aid & CPR Instructor

If it's happening outside of the classroom, Natasha's probably handling it. She manages the front end including calls, emails as well as course scheduling, roster submission and generation of certificates.


Office Manager