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general public

online FIRST AID & CPR

Our blended programs allow participants to complete a self-paced, online module from the comfort of home, followed by a condensed in-class skills session. These government approved programs result in full certification.
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General public

In-class FIRST AID & CPR

Our in-class offerings maximize opportunity for leaner centred activities and skill mastery. Full-length programming as well as (abridged) recertification training is available.
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Healthcare Provider Programming

Team-based resuscitation training for pre-hospital and in-facility professionals alike. Certification programs include BLS, Airway Management, Oxygen Therapy, ACLS, PALS and more!
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Advanced programming

Advanced programs for those with a professional responsibility to provide pre-hospital care. Certification programs include First Responder, Marine Advanced First Aid as well as Emergency Medical Responder (EMR).
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marine first aid & CPR

Basic and advanced programming options to meet the needs of those expected to provide first aid in a marine environment. Courses meets the requirements of Transport Canada outlined in Transport Publication (TP) 13008 E.
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Canine first aid & cpr

Offered in partnership with Canine Health Canada, this program addresses prevention and treatment for problems big and small as they pertain to your furry friend.
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First Aid & CPR Training in Halifax ​

Offering First aid and CPR certification training, LifeShield is the leading provider of Canadian Red Cross programs in the greater Halifax – Dartmouth area of Nova Scotia. Our training courses include emergency first aid, standard first aid, CPR/AED, Basic Life Support (BLS), First Responder, EMR, ACLS, re-certification and more. Our courses are delivered by Emergency Services professionals and satisfy all governmental requirements for Workplace First Aid.