Update: October 3rd, 2021

Effective 04 October 2021, Nova Scotia Public Health Officials require individuals to show proof of vaccination to gain access to non-essential services.

Vaccination against COVID19 is a critical public health measure. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that these vaccines are safe.

As such, LifeShield has established an internal policy wherein all of our instructors / staff who engage the public be fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, First Aid & CPR training is an essential service, because:
1. First Aid & CPR certification is legislatively required under provincial and federal Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) regulations;
2. First Aid & CPR certification may be compulsory to obtain / maintain employment;
3. First Aid & CPR education is a societal necessity which helps ensure the health and safety of our communities.

At present, the Province of Nova Scotia does not require vaccination for individuals seeking essential services, such as ours.

Quoting the Province of Nova Scotia’s proof of vaccination directive found here:

“Proof of full vaccination isn’t required for most places that don’t host formal gatherings and places that offer essential, non-discretionary services and activities, including… safety training that’s required for a person’s job and can’t be done virtually.”

As a result, LifeShield will not require proof of vaccination on the part of our participants.

Notwithstanding, we join Nova Scotia Public Health officials in urging all Nova Scotians to fully vaccinate as soon as possible. 

As always, LifeShield continues to follow public health advice. Where ours is a classroom environment, masks can be lowered at the participant’s discretion, while seated ( and thereby socially distanced) Meanwhile, we continue to require masking when participants leave their seats for any reason, including during the performance of skills. Non-latex gloves, sanitizers and disinfectants continue to be readily available at all times. 

Full details can be accessed by clicking on the link above. 

We look forward to seeing you soon. 

LifeShield Team